UPDATE 2018: An update from Morten

Dear friends and fans. A long awaited update is finally due to be shared with you all.
There are some situations in life, when it feels like there is never a good time to share an update. For me, and Frail Grounds as a concept and musical vision, this situation has lasted since late 2014. I wanted to post an update then, but due to the seriousness of the situation I did not get around to it, and as time went by it felt it was less appropriate to post update without any actual new material or events.

In August 2014, my girlfriend Sandra was rushed to the hospital after having a major seizure. They discovered she had a large brain tumor in her frontal lobe. One day later, Frail Grounds was playing a concert in oslo together with Wail and that was the last time I performed with Frail Grounds since. Sandra had surgery some days later, and the operation was a success, except that we was informed that the tumor tissue was Glioblastoma, the most aggressive brain cancer there is.

After the shock following the prognosis, Sandra beginning her radiation and chemo treatment and based on some reflection on priorities in life and the current state of the band I chose to take a break from Frail Grounds. The band finished the concerts scheduled for the rest of 2014 with Gunnar on vocals (Thank you!), and then decided to await my further decision for the bands future.

In January 2015 I informed that I would let all the members of the band go, and also putting Frail Grounds as a concept on hiatus. This was partly because of my personal situation, but also due to musical challenges and lack of progress within the band, none of which matter anymore. I always had an idea and wish for continuing it later, when life permitted it.

And so life went on, Sandra and I got married in October 2015, and we lived life as best as we could until she got a relapse and new tumor in May 2017. She had another successfull operation, followed by a new round of chemo. Unfortunately the cancer had now become resistant to the chemo treatment, and the last resort chemo treatment she then recieved had no effect.

She died in Oslo, 20th May 2018. 5 Months ago.

Right now, everything feels like chaos. And with time I hope I can start make sense of it all and process everything.

So this is the reason for the silence that has surrounded Frail Grounds since 2015. But at the same time, my mind has been working hard on new ideas and concepts, soundscapes and melodies. I have made some initial preprods for several songs, and I am fully sure that Frail Grounds will release more music and follow up on what was started with The Fields of Trauma. I just dont know in what shape, and with whom. At the moment, Frail Grounds is only me.

It should be no suprise that what I have been, and am, going through will make it into both music and lyrics for what lies ahead.

They say time heals all wounds, I really hope that is true. I also hope that you all are still excited to be a supporter of Frail Grounds and its music, despite the years of silence. Remember: Live while you're alive.
Sincerely, Morten

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