The Band


Hailing from Norway, a country known for its high quality in both progressive and extreme metal, the expectations are always high when a new band emerges on the stage. Frail Grounds challenge these expectations with their debut album,The Fields of Trauma.

A conceptual and musical journey through soundscapes composed of heavy, progressive and more extreme elements, these songs will take the listener through melancholic acoustic moments and up through more brutal yet melodic epics. The album was mixed by Øyvind Larsen (Lionheart Studios) and mastered by acclaimed producer Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios).


“A musical treasure that demands attention!”
Scream Magazine

“Frail Grounds should gain serious attention for this work”

“Extremely well arranged songs, without overly commercial focus”


Frail Grounds was formed late 2005, and released their first EP ‘Corrosion’ in 2008. Their musical vision was always to create interesting and flowing soundscapes, merging elements from different genres ranging from traditional heavy, progressive and extreme metal, yet always maintaining a melodic baseline. ‘Corrosion’ received good reviews and the band played several concerts up until 2009. A creative break followed as they wrote the songs and concept for a debut album. The recording of the album ‘The Fields of Trauma’ started by the end of 2010 at Lionheart Studios, and was finished fall 2011.

"...This album is a continuation of the sound we created with ‘Corrosion’, except now its refined and a more complete experience. Whereas Corrosion was a good and necessary beginning it can be heard we were experimenting with many elements. On this debut album, the elements have fallen naturally into place, and we truly believe we have filled a void in the norwegian as well as the international metal scene"

- Morten Søbyskogen (vocalist)

Morten Søbyskogen
Lead vocals